Saturday, May 31, 2008

Fernando el Vejigante

Finally, after much debate, I decided to post a picture of Fernando el Vejigante. He started out as a gift for a member of my doll club. I wanted to give her something personal, something that represented a part of my culture. It was this idea that fueled the inspiration and allowed me to move ahead and quickly produce this fellow. I showed it to a select few and the reaction I received was positive as well as conflicting. Some, who knew the recipient of this gift, thought that perhaps it was not suited to her taste. Those who do not know her were perplexed as to why I would chose this theme for a Christmas gift. The subject matter contradicts my christian upbringing. In my mind, it was not made to glorify the devil. The rich colors of the art and masks that I saw while visiting Ponce left an impression on me.
It was as simple and as hard as that. In the end I made her a boudoir doll that can be seen in one of my earlier posts.


MIUMIU said...

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Liz said...

I think Fernando is great! His mask is rather scary, but underneath is a really nice guy. I think your friend will really like him!