Monday, January 21, 2008

The Christmas Gift

Our doll club had a gift exchange this year. We all got to draw a name from a bag. I was excited about making something special for my person. I asked my sister, Diana, for a special piece of fabric for this project. She handed me a small wrinkled plastic grocery bag. My first reaction was disappointment until I opened this crumpled bag and saw this gray shimmery piece of cloth. The tag attached to it read, Poganza. I never heard of it but fell in love with it. I must have more. I wanted this doll to have an antique boudoir look with a modern twist. How did I do?This past weekend I handed over my gift in a no frills package. I'm ashamed to say it was a postal box inside a garbage bag. Hey, give me a break. I was burning the midnight oil for the past week. Her reaction was more than positive. I was touched by it.


Colleen said...

Evelyn...there was no need for fancy packaging...She IS the package!!!! i love her...maybe i will be your next grabbag person....colleen

TERY said...

Your gift was totally awesome and I know that the recipient was overwhelmed!!!! Tery

Amanda said...

I stumbled across your site, and just wanted to say that your work is absolutely amazing.