Sunday, December 9, 2007

A Shop Warming Gift

I recently visited a friend and fellow doll club member, Anne Marie, at her beautiful shop in Hillsdale, N.J. The name of the shop is Yarn Diva and More. When you step in, it's like walking into a candy shop. Your senses are overtaken by all the colors and textures. Yum! I made her a shop warming gift which reflects her store color theme, pink and chocolate brown. She is another incarnation of my Grinning Annie doll. Check out her knitting needles. I made them out of toothpicks and knitted some perle cotton under a magnifying lamp. The polka dotted bag is a miniature copy of the bags she sells at her shop. I had fun making it and thought it would add a unique touch. I gave Anne Marie a larger version of this doll, dressed in red with red yarn hair, a while ago. She liked it so much and said she keeps it in her sewing room. So, I decided to make her one for her shop. Along with yarn, she also was kind enough to give us a venue to sell our handcrafted dolls. What a gal. I can't wait to see her reaction to the doll.

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Colleen said...

hey ...i love this "smiley " doll...and i just realized...i think you used that little do jigger to make those material donuts.....i love them...i better get mine out and start using it...i have a heart one for valentines day! colleen