Saturday, June 28, 2008

I'm Crossing my Fingers

Man oh man!  I finally finished editing all my posts.  This required my deleting the photos which were not showing up and uploading the photos again.  That meant I had to search all my cd's to find these pics.  I still don't know why my blog was acting funky. It was really discouraging.  I'm hoping that this does not happen again. Hmmm?  I'm thinking of the last post I did in May.  Perhaps Fernando should not have made his appearance.  After posting his pics, my blog started acting up.  It's a thought.  I have been very busy getting my garden, at home, together. I was not going to do anything with it this year and held out 'til two weeks ago.  Once I started, I had the bug and have not stopped pulling and planting.  It now feels like a little retreat once again.  Since I have been creatively stagnant I decided to post two pics.

The first is a scrapbook collage page I made of my niece Meagan. I fiddled with the image of her in Adobe, then layered paper and other elements to achieve this rusty antique look.

The second is an image I created in Creative Keepsakes scrapbook software. I imported a scanned image of a angel paperdoll I made using scrapbook papers and brads to attach the limbs. I altered the colors giving it a sepia tint. I also added the weathered paper behind her using the software programs library of images. I dig it.


Amanda said...

I've enjoyed looking through your blog and admiring your work. I wrote a little post about you at my blog. Do you have a Etsy shop?

Amanda said...

I'm linking you to some clearer shots of Babbit. I won him during a bloggy giveaway. A blogger called I'm an Awesome (Sometimes) Mother fashioned him out of socks. We take him on trips and chronicle our journeys through him. Take a look.

Here are some from Spring Break:

and some from Summer Vacation: