Monday, June 30, 2008

Suzi Blu made me do it

Suzi Blu has made a believer out of me (see my fave links to check her out).  I can confidently pick up my journal and draw or write whatever pleases me. I know that whatever manifests itself on those pages has served me well.  It is my buffer between projects.  It is my calm, my therapy.  I don't have to try to be the best.  I just need to get lost in the moment and let the paint, pencils, glue and more do their thing.  Okay, maybe I should take a few art lessons. HA HA!

Art with a black Sharpie

Lunch break doodle colored with water color pencils

You didn't think you would get away that easy.  I was seriously PMSing on a beautiful sunny spring day.  I was like, OH MY LIfE SUCKS.  Why does everything seem so dark and dreary?  I don't care that the flowers are blooming around hoo.Anyway, I channeled the negativity and got over the PMS. Yahooo!

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