Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Doug the Slug

Hello, I'm a little slug that lives in Evelyn's garden. Don't let my innocent look fool you. I can munch through a lot of greens in no time. My other skills are dodging salt shakers, hiding under pots, and....poetry.

I am Doug
Doug the Slug
Please don't mistake me
for a ordinary bug
I'm not being smug
I'm sweet, not a thug
And though I am slimy
I sure like to hug


Liz said...

Oh my - I can't believe how cute Doug is! When my son was 3, we lived in a climate that was perfect for slugs. He would be playing outside and I would hear, "oh Yuug! A slug!" in a small-boy voice. Gives me the giggles even now (um, he's 38!). Thanks for the giggle.

Tristan said...

Awwww! Slugs! I'd never pour salt on that one :D

Amanda said...

That is an absolutely adorable slug!