Saturday, July 6, 2013

The Dragonfly Effect

It was a warm muggy fourth of July morning when I stepped out on my front porch. This day I would break my usual day off routine of laying in a exhausted heap while flipping through cable channels making empty promises of being more creative. Today this vitamin D deficient gal was going to soak up some sun, work on evening out her farmers tan and pull some weeds.
While checking the impatiens in the rail planters, something caught my eye. It was a beautiful chartreuse dragonfly that was caught in a web. This year the spider population was moving onto my porch. You can't exit the house without becoming a web head. As soon as you cleared the tangle you'd walk into another one. A thing only a Munster could appreciate.
So I grabbed my tiny fairy garden rake and pointed the wooden end towards the dragonfly's legs. The bug grabbed it and held on as I released it from it's sticky prison. I placed the shocked dragonfly on the leaf of a potted escargo plant and left it in the shade to recover.
After watering my impatiens, I headed to the back yard to start weeding. Shortly after my neighbor Anna walked up to the fence and as we talked I pointed up towards something which escapes me at the moment. In that instant a gray dragonfly landed on my finger. I was like WHOA and she was like "oh Elevyn (she calls me that??), how beautiful. I wish a dragonfly would land on my finger",she said in a semi whiney voice. She stared on as it lingered there and as I told her the tale of the dragonfly that I saved from the clutches of a venomous nasty spider. I even spoke to it asking if it came to thank me for saving it's cousin, all the while basking in the beauty of God's creation. It was like a kiss from heaven.
After what seemed like a whole minute, the gray dragonfly flew off so Anna and I went to check on the dragonfly on the porch. It was no where to be found. I would like to think that it safely flew away continuing to do what dragonflies do on summer days. Anna went home and I continued in the garden.
While taking a break from the heat later that afternoon. I watched as a dragonfly flew in front of me. I stuck out my finger to see if I could once again experience such a amazing thing. It flew away and I lowered my finger. As I saw it fly back towards me, I stuck my finger out again and,yes, IT LANDED ON MY FINGER!
It was then that I knew I was the dragonfly queen. JUST KIDDING!!!
Actually it led me to think that if I could show mercy and compassion to a dragonfly, who am I to not show it to a human being. Shouldn't we, who are treated unjustly, are hurt, or crossed, be able to show those who stomp on our feelings forgiveness? Why hold them in that web? Allow them to emerge like a caterpillar from a cocoon to turn into beautiful butterfly. Remembering that if we leave them there we will remain ensnared with them.
Deep man,deep but that's where it took me.
Walk out your door and experience the day. You never know.
No lie....a nasty horsefly just landed on my finger....yuck.
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