Monday, July 30, 2012

A Quilt for Baby Caleb

 There seems to have been a outbreak of "preggy" nurses at my job. I don't really have
the time or energy to keep up with all this work related gift giving but once in a while
someone or something inspires me to break out the ol' sewing machine. In this case it was the owl print scrub top that this one nurse often wore.
I went shopping for fabric and came across a owl filled print (sorry..I don't remember the manufacturer of this fabric) which was perfect. I traced over an owl and enlarged it in various sizes.
  Each owl represents a member of the family, Poppa, Momma, Sister and baby Caleb. The stuffed owl was a pattern I sketched out and put together using fleece and a few embroidery accents. Surprisingly, nurse and baby came for a visit and Caleb was wearing a outfit with the same colors represented in the quilt.

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