Sunday, February 5, 2012

Hello it's me

Ugh, I have to rewrite this post again. That will teach me to not stay away from my blog for so long and get rusty at posting.

I am always so amazed how you can take a pile of this...

...and make something like this.

I won't use lots of space talking about how the creative well is dry but you know?
So just as it should be, I was just hit by the inspiration stick when I met this sweet little tyke that comes to visit her grandad at the nursing home I work at.
She has short brown wispy hair and bangs that slightly drape in front of her adorable face. She is a bit timid and usually makes her way around in the arms of her mom and dad. Everyone is drawn to her when she is around. I went home one evening and felt compelled to create something for her and it all started with this creature.

After making this silly creature he mysteriously disappeared. I could not believe that I could misplace him in my slightly chaotic sewing room. I searched high and low. In frustration, I went back to the drawing board and made a pattern for the girl doll. Her face was freemotioned onto skin colored cotton. Her body is denim with arms and skirt made of quilters cotton prints. I hand stitched novelty yarn onto her head and finished her off with a fleece poncho and boots. So I grab my embroidery basket to get red floss for her poncho and boot edging and SURPRISE there was my little creature. How mischievious of him, ha ha.

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Lisa said...

Oh my gosh, she is so fabulous!! I am totally amazed that a pile of materials can become something so awesome!! I love, love her hair!! And the mischievous little guy is adorable, too!! :)