Monday, July 8, 2013

The Garden at Schervier

This year I am the lone survivor, of the original three garden committee volunteers that adopted this one section of a courtyard at Schervier Pavilion in Warwick, N.Y.. I won't get into the who and the why but truth be told, it is my sole responsibility now to weed, plant, water and come up with something lovely for this "plot of land".
The white fence was incorporated into the garden since the beginning. It was generously donated by a nearby company named Protection Fence. Some added support and a fresh coat of paint later, it has been the center piece of this garden for at least five years. My plan was to get rid of it and simplify things now that I am flying solo. After some failed attempts to give the thing away, I decided to hang a planter in front of it and fill it with leafy plants with interested color and shapes. I'm so happy that the plants are trailing down the fence as I had envisioned.
Each time I go out and water, whether before work, after work or on a day off when I'm in town, I am happy to be part of something that brings such joy to the elderly residents, their families and employees alike.
One family member called it a miracle. I agree with her. The soil in the courtyard was and still is in many ways atrocious, although it has slightly improved with the adding of mulch each year. Also, the teamwork that went into past fundraisers that allowed us to beautify other areas of the facility, the time, money and personal sacrifice of those responsible for creating and maintaining the gardens which brings me to one person in particular.
Lois would probably cringe if she knew I was writing this. This woman has been the motivating force behind the Schervier gardens. If you walk the perimeter of this facility, I would dare to say that there is not an area that has not been touched by her special green fingered gift. Although she tires, she is tireless in her love for plants and flowers. She has also managed to incorporate the gardens into the occupational therapy she gives to our residents. She is an inspiration and although I sometimes want to give up, her energy and compassion for our residents remind me that I can keep this thing going. The gardens are a blessing to all who look upon them.
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