Friday, September 26, 2008

Mi Frida

Frida is my latest doll.  She was inspired by a book that I discovered on art blog, A Fanciful Twist.  The author of this blog, Vanessa Valencia, had a giveaway where she featured a hardcover book named Self Portrait in a Velvet Dress.  In this book you will find photos of artist Frida Kahlo and the contents of her wardrobe which were found in her home La Caza Azul which is now a museum in her honor.  This book is filled with so much eye candy that I don't think I will stop at one.  Aside from the rich colors and textures of her wardrobe this woman had an eclectic style of her own and a immense life story.  I love finding inspiration in which I am carried away into the project with an urgency that sees me through 'til the end of it's creation. Coincidentally, I have had a photo of Frida in my artspace for a very long time. Her images and lifes tale has always filled me with a sense of sadness,connection as a woman and most of all an appreciation for her art.  She was much more than this, though.  Read her story or if you must, rent the movie titled, Frida. On the technical side, her shirt know as a huipil is silk dupioni, her top skirt know as a isthmus is satin with a cotton underskirt trimmed in lace. She will be on display at the quilt show at Pine Bush H.S. this weekend.


Stephanie said...

Evelyn, this doll is just wonderful! I saw it in the show pics and it caught my eye right away. Love her face. Is it clay? She is great!

Colleen said...

yo...evelyn..she is MAGNIFICENT!!! why do i feel like shes a human being staring at me???!!! you did like "an oil" painting on the face....I believe you would get a "pretty" penny for her....a collectors item,,,,colleen

Angel said...

Your Frida is MARAVILLOSA... she is so precious... you did an amazing job on her features... Congrats!!