Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Doll Exhibit

Me, Tery and Doreen

Denise Giardullo and Doreen check out the display

I'm happy to say that the doll exhibit at the Pine Bush quilt show was a success. The dolls displayed were contributed by the Sew Sew Dolls, the 3D Cloth Doll Club and a member of the Garden State Doll Artisans. This two day exhibit not only attracted quilt aficionados. Quite a few people stated they came just to see the dolls. Being entrusted with so many beautiful creations can be a bit nerve racking.
I thank each and every person who did. Did I mention how beautiful the quilts were?

Words Remembered, by Mary Wirchansky, won a viewers choice ribbon

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Deborah said...

That is fantastic!