Saturday, August 16, 2008

The Dragonfly Princess

My mother-in-law, Iris, love for dragonflies, inspired this piece.  This is a pic of her when she was just a little girl.  The sheet music in the background is the Borinquena.  It is a national anthem of Puerto Rico, Iris' birth place, written by Manuel Fernandez Junco.

The land of Borinquen where I have been born. It is a florid garden of magical brilliance. A sky always clean serves as a canopy. And placid lullabies are given by the waves at her feet. When at her beaches Columbus arrived, he exclaimed full of admiration: Oh! Oh! Oh! This is the beautiful land, that I seek. It is Borinquen the daughter, the daughter of the sea and the sun. Of the sea and the sun,of the sea and the sun, of the sea and the sun, of the sea and the sun!

Translation by Samuel Quiros


Colleen said...

just beautiful evvvyyy!!!! she looks like a real dragonfly little she was born with those wings!! what are those cool gold balls??? are they from a flower arrangement??? you know i'm loving those! love colleen

Nancy said...

Lovely. I just love the contrast between the tree globes and the ground under the dragonfly girl's feet.