Thursday, August 7, 2008

Traveling Slug

Amanda, of Mandigirl-Muses, had so sweetly shown an interest in my slug, that I decided to send her one of her own. Looking at this video my friend and I commented on how sad and vulnerable the slug looked before his journey. Was it all in our imagination? Amanda took pics of the little guy when he arrived and posted them on her blog. Don't think I'm crazy, he looks like he's smiling, LOL. Go see for yourself.


TJ Tarwater said...

Awwwww, poor sluggy! He looks concerned!

The link to Amanda's pg did not work, though...can you repost it?

Evelyn said...

Unfortunately, I am having difficulty mastering the link thing. Look for one of her comments and click on her name. That should get you there. Sorry.
Oh, you see, I was not imagining it. He does look a little stressed. HA HA!

Amanda said...

Oh my word, he does look stressed out, but he is oh-so-happy to be a Texan! "Slug love..." That's hilarious!

You can find my new little friend, Salty, here:

Colleen said...

dude....i made a comment 2 weeks ago...hmmm..i dont know what happened!! any how...i love this little guy and your movie..he;s kind of real!!! know what i mean??? love colleen

Nancy said...

hahaha! it's hilarious how his mouth is a straight line when getting ready to be shipped out, but when he's at Amanda's house, and out of the box, he looks like he's smiling.
Isn't the imagination wonderful!