Thursday, August 7, 2008

A Fairy's Garden

Often when a fog is present, in my brain, I sit on the rug by my shelf of magazines.
One publication which I have not yet tired of is Cloth Paper Scissors. As I thumbed through my stack of valuable resources, I came across an article focusing on the art of Kelly Rae Roberts. This is my similiar (and I use that word lightly) version of her paper collage technique which incorporates the use of gel medium and acrylic paint. My version uses rub on transfers, letters and photo images I had in my stash.
A thick charcoal pencil was used to outline the fairy, flowers and some of the background. I consider this a very tame version of her technique. Check out her work in the past issue, November/December of 2007. Her stuff rocks. Her colors rusty and rich. Going through the pile of issues was like unwrapping a present I forgot I had. You know how it is, you buy the mag, get busy and put it on the shelf after you quickly look through it. So many techniques, so little time, UGH!

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Christy said...

What a beautiful fairy collage! It's perfect!