Saturday, April 26, 2008

Eli makes a doll

I invited my, ten year old, nephew Eli to visit me this week. As I imagined, after checking out the contents of my workspace, he decided that he wanted to make a doll of his own. I asked him to start by making a quick sketch of the figure he wanted to make. After fine tuning the lines of the drawing and enlarging it thirty five percent, he took the copy of the drawing and layed it on fabric. He did a great job sewing it at the machines lowest speed.  Not bad for his first experience sewing on a machine. He used fabric paints for the clothing, made a cloth cape and polymer clay horns. I sculpted the muscles with button thread. I asked Eli what he thought of this experience. He said it was fun and exciting.
Precision sewing

Drawing the details

The finished doll

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