Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Hehwoe my name is Shal dah Shawamandah

Nice to meet cha. My name is Shal. My muddah, Ebahwin, made me fwom a book by Awanzi Awonzo (Aranzi Aronzo) named Dah Cute Book (The Cute Book). Hah fwend Coween gabe hah dah book faw Cwishmish (Christmas). She inshtintly fehwill in wahve wit me. When my poppa Cwooze came home and shaw me, he name me Shal. He taught it wash cute...dat poppa. Shumtimesh if my muddah and faddah awe angwy at each udder I will weave voich meshahgesh on dah chellphone. My cutenesh awaysh bwingsh dem back togeddah. If you weave a comment, pweese weave it in Shal tawk. I gahwhantee it wheel put a shmile on yaw faysh. -Wuv Shal


DD said... cute...I think Shal dah Shawamandah should live in Olympia--where it rains so much that most of the trees have moss on them!

Colleen said...

man...that little book was a bit of magic...dont you think??? Bad cat...saw sal...he's a little jealous...he'll get over it!!! haha

i love him....soon i believe there will be a whole collection...maybe a new book deal!!! colleen