Friday, April 11, 2008

Where have I been?

It's so easy to get caught in the trappings of everyday life that you sometimes forget to stop and feed the side of you that craves ART. Each day when I get home from work, I climb the steep steps that lead to my attic...I (HA HA) and if even for a short while, pick up a needle and some thread or maybe a paintbrush and just do whatever comes to mind. Something has to come out of even the most aimless work that one creates. It must lead to something inspired eventually. The character in this painting was an outline doodle that my niece Tristan drew. I painted the background using acrylics, a brayer, brushed and rubber stamped accents. I then added the doodle and added color to it,again, using acrylics and some lumiere paint.

This next piece was based upon a doodle that I made many years ago. I was searching through the "archives", blew the mummy dust away and built upon this gals face. It reminds me of a nightmare where little innocent children come out in the dark. I don't know how innocent this girl is. There is something sinister in her smile. Oooh, really, it creeps me out. Don't mind me, I recently saw the horrific movie 30 day of night. Scaaaarry!

Okay, so I felt like doing something in cobalt blue. I added some green brushstrokes then decided to experiment and drip red paint over it. Miss Morbid started thinking,hey,it's the ocean and there has just been a shark attack. The red was so bright so I added some pearl ex pigment powders to tone it down. Now I'm seeing the aftermath of a shark attack, when the sand has been disturbed and there is decay everywhere. Naturally the only thing to do was to add a melancoly mourning mermaid or is she the victim. Where is her other half? No more caffeine for me past 3pm. Enjoy.


Ms Dragonfly said...

there is something cute and interesting about the kid. :)

Colleen said... are really getting deep...but it is taking you to new very artistic place.... I Love the kid with the suitcase and the melencholy you believe in "collective concienceness"? We are all going to these deep different places at the same time without each other knowing it....we are all taking the "DOLL" break to find more "stuff" colleen