Thursday, September 11, 2008

Sophie's Apron

I started hand embroidering again. I first started embroidering when I was in my early teens. My mother had a metal hoop with a cork interior on the top shelf of our linen closet right next to a metal can where she kept her buttons. I still have and use that hoop and yes I have the button can sans buttons. I take a project along with me to work so I can embroider during my lunch hour. I even found myself embroidering on a bench in Walmart while the hubby was in the auto section and also in the car while I waited for him to come out of Walmart on another occasion. I pretty much carry around with my hoop, fabric and threads wherever I go. No sense in wasting good waiting room time when at the doctors. In the end you have all these embroideries that are just asking to be made into a pillow, quilt or this little apron I made for my little niece Sophie. I say help mommy and put stains on that apron Sophie. That's what it's for.

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Colleen said...

sophie is quite lucky....its really pretty and dainty!