Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Hoffman Challenge 2007

This year I thought I would attempt to enter the Hoffman Challenge 2007. I purchased my materials well in advance. I have to say, I did not care for the busy fabric. I also bought a few coordinates to go with it and placed them amongst my fabric stash. Once in a while I'd take a peek but I hadn't a clue as to what I'd do with them. It wasn't until I started playing with some leftover scraps of material, combining them with Angelina fiber and freemotion, that I realized I had picked up the colors in the main challenge fabric. It took off from there. With one month, to get it together, I was on a mission. Unfortunately (?), I did not meet the deadline and she remains with me. It was such a great experience working on her. Since naming my dolls always is a difficult thing for me, my sister Nancy came up with Priscilla, the butterfly wrangler of Haldonberry. It's got a good sound to it. I think I'll keep it. I have seen the challenge fabric for 2008....hmmm.

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Christy said...

Your dolls are spectacular! I'm glad to have discovered your blog. :)