Sunday, March 2, 2008

Garden Fundraiser Project

Some of the employees, at the long term care facility that I work in, started a adopt a garden project last spring. The result of doing this was very rewarding. I got to see a different side of our residents. Those who usually would not spend much time outdoors, became regular visitors to the garden. The garden was made possible by the donation of time, plants and money raised by the decorating commitee and individuals. To top it off the eagle scouts made beautiful wood benches. A decorative pond was also installed near the gardens and the sound of running water added to the serene atmosphere. A garden committee now exists and we are looking for ideas to raise money for future projects, one of them being a healing garden. I thought these pins could possibly serve as a fundraiser item. The "butterfly dog" is my bosses dog, Linus. His wings are made of foam which have been heated then stamped. The other pins are vintage victorian portraits which I mixed with scrapbooking elements. For the sake of cost and ease I am trying to keep these projects simple. Any ideas are welcome.

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Colleen said...

ok...lets try this again!!! i love the pins... i love the dog as an angel with antenae!!! i made a vintage picture of my "moon" cat with a crown and wings....i could donate a pin like that for your fundraiser...if you would big should it be?? did you glue a pin on the back??? i'm inspired....let me sal bad cat wants a PLAY date!!!! colleen